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20 Children 20 Families At A Time

SKF mission is NOT to build another school! BUT to create educational grooming centers for children with NO schooling living in slums and poor communities in developing countries. Provide the children free of cost primary level education and prepare the children to successfully transition and get admission into mainstream local public and private schools.

SKF project was officially launched on August 14, 2017 in Fremont, California, USA, on the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan and the 70th anniversary for Pakistan-USA friendship.

Growth Plan

Our Ambition

SKF runs as a 100% voluntary organization in its management to ensure that all the donated funds are used to pay the instructors and cover the operational costs of its center. There is 100% transparency in how the funds are spent.

Phase 1

Educational Grooming & Social Skills Development

Phase 2

Health & Hygiene Education

Phase 3

Micro Financing for Economic Uplift

Working Together

Meet Our Team

Field Survey

Nouman Siddiqi and team of university students.

Facilitators Learning Center, Multan

Ms Kausar Imran
Ms Aleezay Imran


VirEmp Office
Farooque Malik
Omair Mirza

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What differentiates your nonprofit from others doing similar work?

What makes SKF unique is we are a staging platform for street kids to learn and be groomed. Most of the nonprofits working in this space build schools. Rather than building schools, SKF aims to establish basic learning centers. These learning centers through its expedited basic education program and mentoring, will give the opportunity to these poor street children to get admitted into well known cadet colleges or well established schools which otherwise would have just been a dream for them through the Support a Child Sponsorship program.

Do you serve different locations of the country?

Presently SKF has one learning center in Altaf Town, Multan. Started in April 2018 with 5 children and presently grown to 18 children. SKF aims to establish more learning centers in other locations over time.

Do you serve different sections of the population?

SKF selects children who are roaming the street and belong to poor communities living in urban slums. Families that cannot afford to send their children to schools because they lack the resources and would instead not send their children to school but to work and earn money.

What types of events do you host?

SKF hosts fundraising events, informal social gathering or pot-luck events, have tables at events or exhibitions to “Introduce SKF”

What makes these events unique?

SKF events have minimal administrative costs as costs are incurred through family and friends network or are sponsored.

Tax ID: 82-1891756Donations are tax deductible

Street Kids Funds (SKF) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the State of California.