Street Kids Funds (SKF)

WHY Street Kids Funds (SKF)?

To make a difference and bring a change one must initiate the change. With a team of 3 like-minded people on August 14th, 2017 the organization “Street Kids Funds (SKF)” was official launched. With the aim to uplift street/slum kids and their families in developing countries. The initial donations contributed by SKF team members helped SKF with the registration process. SKF got the 501 c 3 status in December 2017 to work as a not-for-profit organization registered in California, USA with the EIN # 82-1891756

SKF slogan is “Make Change 20 Children 20 Families At A Time!

SKF was formed to advocate for the basic rights of those street / slums kids whom the society has forgotten and neglected. SKF will NOT build schools! BUT will setup staging centers for “Educational Learning & Grooming” in low income areas in different cities…… know more here  – > About Us

The people who work at SKF share the vision and values of generous societies. Meet the team behind SKF here ->  Our Team

Educational Grooming & Social Skills Development, Healthcare & Hygiene, Micro Financing for Economic Uplift, Educational Learning etc. More detail here ->  Our Projects

Mission to Educate and Groom Street Children

All children deserve to have a quality education in a nurturing environment where they can feel valued and loved while learning.

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