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Growth Plan

Our Ambition

SKF runs as a 100% voluntary organization in its management to ensure that all the donated funds are used to pay the instructors and cover the operational costs of its center. There is 100% transparency in how the funds are spent.

Phase 1

Educational Grooming & Social Skills Development

Phase 2

Health & Hygiene Education

Phase 3

Micro Financing for Economic Uplift

Create Change

20 Children 20 Families At A Time

The mission of SKF is not to build another school! But to setup educational grooming centers in different cities. SKF’s educational centers are for children from poor households. Children that are not going to a school but roaming on streets or working along with their parents to earn money, as housemaids in different homes or working in factories or selling stuff in the markets. These children are deprived to get an education because parents cannot afford to send them to a school.

SKF project was officially launched on August 14, 2017 in Fremont, California, USA, on the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan and the 70th anniversary for Pakistan-USA friendship.

Our Vision

To catalyze change amongst street kids and their families to rise high and become useful and productive members of the local and global society

To groom and educate them to become productive members of the local and global society

To be the Beacon of Hope and Change for street / slum kids and their families belonging to the neglected factions of the society in the developing world