Phase 1: Educational Grooming & Social Skills Development

The first project “SKF Educational Grooming and Learning Center” started its work on March 2nd, 2018 in Altaf Town in the city of Multan, Pakistan.

  • The center started with 10 children ages 4 years to 9 years and within a month, 4 more children joined as part of the daily 3-hour Monday to Friday educational grooming and learning program. The selected street children belonged to very poor households and their parents worked either as a daily laborers, housemaids, sweepers or rickshaw driver and could not afford to send their children to a school. These children were playing and roaming around the streets all day and had never been to a school.
  • SKF provided uniforms and sweaters, schools bags, books, stationary, and daily snacks to all the children in the program.
  • Children were taught in both Urdu and in English languages. Starting with basic alphabet learning, sentence formation, number recognition, counting, simple addition and subtraction exercises, drawing and coloring and story time.
  • From March 2018 to December 2018 in 9 months, all the 14 children showed remarkable improvement in their overall learning. Better retention, excitement to perform better each day, improvement in manners, overall hygiene and cleanliness. All the children were attentive, happy and minimum daily absentee and only 2 dropouts because the parents moved to another city.
  • In January 2019, SKF started a learning program using what is “fast tracked educational syllabus”. In which children are taught from grade one to grade five and the program is designed to be taught and completed effectively in one to two-year duration. This program is ongoing.
  • After completion of this fast track learning, SKF will assist the children to get admission into regular schools or boarding schools in the area or other cities and continue funding their education further as part of “SKF Rising Stars -Adopt a Child Sponsorship” project.

Phase 2: Healthcare & Hygiene

Health Education: With the help of professional health specialist educational awareness programs on physical, social and environmental health will be given to SKF children and their families

Sanitary Pad Distribution: SKF will be educating SKF girls and their female family members about menstruation and hygiene

Mobile Toilets

Phase 3: Micro Financing for Economic Uplift

Family income generating and overall community development programs

  • Home based income generation projects
  • Small scale business setup

Educational Learning Center: Naya Chariqh Nayee Rooshni

On March 2nd, 2018 the 1st SKF Learning Center was inaugurated in Altaf Town, Multan a city in southern part of Punjab province in Pakistan. SKF has plans to expand its learning centers in other cities in Pakistan.

Phase 1
Phase 1-02
Phase 1-03

A total of 14 children, both girls and boys in the age group 4 to 9 years got enrolled in the 3-hour daily Monday to Friday SKF Educational Learning & Grooming Program.
The program consists of giving basic social and leaning skills in both English and Urdu languages. Children are taught:

  • English and Urdu Alphabets and sentence formation
  • Counting, number recognition and basic addition and subtraction exercises
  • Story listening, writing and poem reciting
  • Drawing and coloring exercise
  • Learning social etiquettes and manners
  • Sports, games and educational trips
  • Candle-Light of Hope (Chariqh say Chariqh) project: SKF children teach other siblings and family members in their household

SKF children enrolled in the educational learning program are provided with all the stationary, textbooks, uniforms and daily snacks. On special events such as birthdays, Eid, etc SKF children are given gifts