Birthday Plant a Plant

Children at the SKF center will plant a plant on their birthdays. The plant will be planted at the SKF center and each child will be responsible to take care of their own plants. Help make the city green and donate to SKF birthday planting!

SKF Organic Garden

SKF children learn about how to grow an organic garden, and how planting vegetables and plants help the environment. The children take home the vegetables that grow in the SKF garden.

SKF Educational Trips and Fun Time

Educational trips for SKF children to different parks and exhibitions are organized. Children at the SKF center have fun trips to different eating places as well as playtime on SKF play ground. The educational trips and fun time along with classroom learning is part of SKF’s initiative to make learning FUN and keep the children motivated!

SKF Special Events

SKF will be handing out clothes and food items on special days during the year such as Eid and in Ramadan and have birthday celebrations for the children. Help SKF with your donations.

SKF Fundraising Event and Membership Drive

During the year SKF members will be doing fundraising and membership events. Help SKF in arranging such events at your home, in your community and contact SKF.