Street Kids Funds Emergency Relief program donates funds internationally and in USA and the Bay Area in time of need.


Street Kids Funds (SKF) donated funds in COVID-19 FOOD DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM in various cities in Pakistan during March – April 2020


Street Kids Funds (SKF) donated funds to Nuestra Casa De Palo Alto COVID-19 FOOD DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM California, USA April 20th, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic Nuestra Casa De helps to deliver fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, and other groceries to the families from the Latino community and 2,200 people living in apartment buildings around East Palo Alto, CA.

Street Kids Funds (SKF) policy on photos and videos posted on its website and via social media for its “Coronavirus Relief  Fund” program in different cities is taking into consideration that faces of people receiving the food boxes are not to be shown.

SKF is sensitive to the fact that this is a difficult time for all those who have lost jobs and are in desperate financial situation as a result of the “lock-down” and facing food hardships. SKF food program is a means to lessen their hardship as well as keeping their dignity!

Please donate for those affected economically by the coronavirus and need financial help with groceries and other assistance

Donations to Street Kids Funds (SKF) can be made via

1. Mailing checks to:
Street Kids Funds
438 Ventura Ave, Apt # 4
Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA

2. Direct deposit into SKF bank account:
SKF Chase Bank Account # 19839 6126
Routing # 322 2716 27

3. PayPal via form below

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SKF is registered in California, USA and 501 c 3 status approved December 2017

EIN # 82-1891756